We have spaces available on Wednesday mornings and all day friday. Some afternoon spaces are also available.
 We have spaces available on Wednesday mornings and all day friday. Some afternoon spaces are also available.                    


0.      Policies and procedures implementation and review

0.0    Implementation and review procedure

We have one set of policies and procedures which are consistent across our provision and in line with the current EYFS requirements.

  • Policies and procedures are written and reviewed annually.
  • Changes are only made to the policies and procedures by the owners/trustees in liaison with the setting manager where risk assessment has indicated that this is required.
  • Policies and procedures are risk assessed and reviewed following any incident that is reportable under RIDDOR.
  • Disciplinary action may be taken where individuals have disregarded policies and procedures.

Familiarisation and implementation

  • It is the responsibility of every member of staff, volunteer and student within the setting to adhere to and always implement the policies and procedures.
  • The setting manager offers advice and support to staff regarding procedure implementation.
  • An overview of policies and procedures is included in induction for individual members of staff, with specific emphasis given to safeguarding procedures.
  • Members of staff must sign to say that they are aware of and will adhere to the current policies and procedures.
  • Members of staff understand that they must refer to the procedures as they support all aspects of their work within the setting.
  • Staff meetings and in-house training events are used as opportunities to focus on procedures as required, and to discuss their implementation.
  • Where there is an outbreak of a communicable disease or infection, the relevant procedure is photocopied and displayed for parents’ reference during the outbreak.
  • Other procedures may be displayed where a situation arises, for example to highlight health and safety concerns such as closing the gate.
  • Following implementation of a procedure, such as emergency evacuation or other health and safety procedures, the setting manager will conduct a review as follows:
  • did all members of staff follow the procedure?
  • is further training required on any aspect of implementation?
  • did the procedure fit the circumstance; does it need adapting or changing?


  • Parents know how to access a full set of policies and procedures.
  • Parent forums are used as opportunities to explain and discuss the implementation of the policies and procedures.



  1. Policy and procedures implementation and review policy

Alongside associated procedures in 0.0 Implementation and review, this policy was adopted by Woodlands Preschool on 14/09/2023.


We have one set of policies and procedures which are consistent across our childcare and early education provision and in line with the current EYFS requirements.


We adhere to and implement operational policies and procedures by:

  • ensuring that all members of staff are aware of their role and responsibility in policy and procedure implementation
  • ensuring that members of staff are aware of the content of the policies and procedures through:
  • induction
  • line management and staff meetings and training events
  • contributing feedback to procedure review
  • use of relevant publications
  • Staff are aware of their duty to adhere to the operational policies and procedures and how they contribute to a consistent approach throughout the organisation.

Legal references

Childcare Act (2006)

Education Act (2011)

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